Paper Pretties by EmmyRose + Giveaway

Hello friends, it’s with a heart full of joy and a big cheesy grin that I present a simply delightful collection of goodies from EmmyRose for our very last giveaway of 2010. It’s pretty, it’s petite and it’s just what you need to satisfy your stationery cravings…

EmmyRose Stationery and Invitations

EmmyRose is boutique stationery studio in inner Sydney run by the lovely and talented Emily Anderson. Emily is a self-confessed shameless romantic, with a love of all things pretty, paper-esque and nanna-ish. Emily’s walls are are filled with paper prettiness, and her desk is lined with quirky tea pots… what a fun place to work!

EmmyRose Stationery and Invitations

EmmyRose Stationery and Invitations

At EmmyRose you’ll find a selection of stationery, gift tags, invitations, note cards and calendars. They’re created from recycled elements and are inspired by childhood holidays spent in the country amidst muted pastel hues and an overgrown garden.

EmmyRose Stationery and Invitations

Congratulations to Jenni-Mae, winner of our EmmyRose prize!
Nanette and Millie have also won a runner-up prize.


We have an EmmyRose Goodie Bag to giveaway, filled with two boxes of ‘an owls party’ invitations and a 2011 desk calendar. To enter the draw, tell us {in the comments section below} your favourite childhood birthday memory. Winner drawn on December 30, 2010.

Prize details; there are ten invitations in a box, each printed double sided on 300gsm paper with 100% recycled envelopes. The 2011 desk calendar is printed on 100% recycled paper and all drawings are created by EmmyRose.

Photos by ©Godelieve Mols Photography

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62 comments to Paper Pretties by EmmyRose + Giveaway

  • Lindy

    Every birthday we’d consult the book
    Woman’s Weekly, for a cake to cook…
    I had the witch, the mouse and one about a nursery rhyme;
    In true party style we had a wonderful time!!
    But my only regret was the boring old invite,
    no Emmy-Rose then to wow & delight!

  • Debbie Luke

    My greatest birthday memory was when my nan would have saved all the front pages of greeting cards she could find and would put them into a scrapbook for me for my birthday.

  • Di

    I remember one Birthday party in particular when I was a kid because it was so much fun! Had a ton of friends there, massive cake and I remember pass the parcel and musical chairs games. Aah, to be a kid again!

  • Kym

    My favourite parties were the pool parties and water balloon parties. Being born in March in QLD it is HOT and it was a fantastic and fun way to cool off, smiles all around!

  • Priscilla Cork

    It was my 7th birthday and my mum for my cake had made the 7 dwarfs bed with 7 little pairs of tiny slippers at its base and each of their bodys perfectly crafted under a sheet of icing. The sack of jewels and their tiny little tools all made of icing sent me into a fantasy word.

  • Jessica

    My favourite memory of birthdays is the cakes my mum used to decorate. I’d always get to choose something from the Women’s Weekly Cake Book and she’d do it up – fantastic. Now I get to do the same for my children.

  • It was my 10th birthday and all I wanted was roller skates with the white boots. I did get roller skates, however they were the strap on kind not the lovely white boots, as my mum thought I’d get more use out of them as they could expand with my growing feet. I learnt to skate with them, and my feet did grow.

  • ayfun

    my favourite memory is my 6th birthday party where my parents had a party for me but only 2 guests showed up! we had a blast though and it will always be a cherished memory even though only 2 guests came !

  • Sian Ballantyne

    My favorite Birthday would have to be my 7th when My little sister arrived. With a little bow on her head and all I was convinced she was a present just for me. She is still my best friend so I guess both then and now she really was the best present.

  • Sarah B

    Every year for as long as I could remember, I wanted a giraffe for my birthday. I hoped so much I could have one, that finally on my 12th bithday my mum had my party at the zoo, so I sort of got my wish.

  • Leah

    At the tender age of four, when I saw magic all around, I wanted to be a fairy and grant wishes to everyone.
    A birthday cake was produced at lunchtime and I blew our the candles wishing that I could be a fairy queen.
    Later the day, the mailman dropped off a parcel addressed to ME. I slowly unwrapped it (yes, I had more restraint than the average 4 year old) and once inside I gasped, Amongst fairy floss pink tissue paper was the most beautiful fairy dress, wings, a wand and a pouch full of glittery stars. A birthday card read “To Leah, Who Deserves to be a Fairy for a Day! With much love your Fairy Godmother”.
    And that day, I was a fairy……

    (My grandmother who sent it has since passed away, but I am sure to pass on this awesome little gift idea when my own daughter is a little older)

  • Congratulations to Jenni-Mae, winner of our EmmyRose prize!

    Nanette and Millie have also won a runner-up prize.

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