You've got me pinned...

What is it about pinback buttons that amuses and delights me? Maybe it’s because I was a child of the 80s. Or perhaps it’s because for a couple of bucks you add charm, wit and whimsy to your attire. I like to buy them to pin on the noticeboard that sits by my computer… Here’s a few I’ve been eyeing off.

Nice Tile and Retro Girls Pinback Buttons

Boy & Girl and Reading is Sexy Pinback Buttons

Cute Animal Portraits and Illustrated Girls Pinback Buttons

Feed the Bears and Brave Boy Pinback Buttons

Spiderman, Captain Anerica and Lollipop Pinback Buttons

DC Comics Superheroes Pinback Buttons

1. Nice Button by Pannikin … 2. Red Shoe Girls Badges by Shelbyville … 3. Cute Illustrated Buttons by Rosy Designs … 4. Reading is Sexy Button by Barrel of Monkeys … 5. Animal Portraits Button Set by Paper Sparrow … 6. In The Clouds Buttons by Unconventional Ida … 7. Feed The Bears Buttons by craftyFOLK … 8. Brave Button by Just Say It … 9. Baby Spiderman & Captain America Buttons by Dogooder Graphics … 10. Lollipop Buttons by Fashion Fucsia … 11. DC Comics Buttons by Kung Fu Grip … 12. Word Button by Allegrae

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3 comments to You’ve got me pinned…

  • Oh, pinback buttons! They bring back memories of high school and favourite bands like The Angels and The Radiators – it was very cool to wear buttons pinned to school uniforms. These are seriously eye-catching 🙂 ~ Christine

  • Olivia

    I’m with you… these are fantastic!

  • […] And we’ve been featured again on KID Independent, the awesome Australian blog about indie style for kids!  Our new button set is in their post about how cool pinback buttons and badges are again.  Check it out here: “You’ve got me pinned…” […]

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