Colour me vintage...

If I had to name one thing that inspires me about vintage design, it would be the innocence and whimsy of the illustrations. All of the kids graphics from the 40s, 50s and 60s have beaming faces and a sense of adventure. Looking at them takes me back to a simpler time, when kids used phrases like “Boy Howdy” and “Gee Willikers!” {or so I hear, I wasn’t actually alive then…}

Vintage Inspired Art Supplies and Pencils

This collection of crafty goodies is from the Real {pretend vintage} collection by Jodie Holdman. Jodie creates vintage inspired art supplies, toys and accessories. I’m crazy in love with her pencil sets. How cool is the spaceman set above? A cool item for kids, or a fabulous collectors item for the space enthusiast.

Vintage Inspired Art Supplies and Pencils

Vintage Inspired Art Supplies and Crayons

Vintage Inspired Art Supplies and Chalk Board

You can find the Real {pretend vintage} collection online at Etsy.

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