Crafty School Holiday Activites from ARTSPARK

I have the fondest memories from my childhood of attending arts & crafts workshops over at QPAC during the school holidays. Dad used to take me over while my brother was off at cricket camp. With the holidays almost upon us, and weeks of entertainment time to fill, today’s post is a burst of crafty inspiration.

Arts, Crafts and Sewing Classes for Kids

ARTSPARK run a series of art and sewing workshops during the school holiday period for kids aged from 3 to 15 years. Kids have the opportunity to learn basics such as using a sewing machine and sewing on buttons, but more excitingly, the opportunity to create something magical from scraps of material and odds and ends.

Arts, Crafts and Sewing Classes for Kids

Arts, Crafts and Sewing Classes for Kids

If you’d like to get your crafty kids involved, here’s a special deal on the one day sewing workshop (10am to 4pm) for 5 to 15 year olds. They’re running all throughout the school holidays in Rozelle, NSW.

Savings and SpecialsA fabulous idea for a Christmas present and a special deal for friends of {KID} Independent. Attend a one day sewing workshop (10am to 4pm) on a day of your choice for $60 (normally $92). Just mention {KID} independent when making your booking. Subsequent days charged at regular rate.

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  • jodi mollard

    These workshops look just FANTASTIC and a great price too!!! Does anyone know any similar that run in Melbourne please? Thanks!!

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