BrisStyle Handmade Ark Appeal

Hi friends! I’m so pleased to be back online today, settled at my computer with a hot cup of coffee. It’s been a very trying week but I’m just feeling so very, very lucky to have received minor flood damage in comparison to many home owners in our area who have lost everything. My body is aching from head to toe after scrubbing, mopping, and crawling around on my knees for the past three days!

I’ll be heading out again this afternoon for another cleaning frenzy, but before I do I just wanted to let you know about this wonderful initiative from our friends at brisStyle. All you have to do is shop, and you’ll be helping Queensland families affected by the floods!

brisStyle Handmade Ark Appeal

It still seems somewhat surreal that 75% of Queensland was covered in water only days ago. It’s going to be a monumental clean up effort and I’d like to encourage all our readers to get involved in some small way. If you’re a Queenslander, you can pop down the road and help out a neighbour.

Another fabulous way to get involved is through the brisStyle Handmade Ark Appeal. Donating is easy. Simply purchase a handmade item from a participating BrisStyle members Etsy shop and the funds will be donated directly to the Premier’s Flood Relief Appeal. There’s all sorts of delicious treats to choose from and so far over $1300 has been raised! Go forth and…

Helping Queensland Families in Need

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