Fresh Baked Friday... Oddbod Bunnies

Hooray, it’s Friday again! It came around super fast this week with the public holiday smack bang in the middle. Today fresh baked serving of handmade hijinks comes to you courtesy of our friends at Esbert’s Collection. These new additions are all one-of-a-kind creations; a true collector’s item.

Handmade Softies by Esbert's Collection

Handmade Softies by Esbert's Collection

Each one of these little dudes is handmade from faux fur and felt. The accessories are removable, and the facial expressions are, well, priceless! I find their googly eyes to be particularly amusing, and  also somewhat mesmerising. Don’t stare into them for too long or you might end up hypnotised and clucking like a chicken. In fact, they kind of remind me of a guy I knew when I was at Uni. We called him Bud…

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