Crafty Pursuits by Tied with a Ribbon + Giveaway!

I love a good crafty project and over the Christmas break I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Jemima Flendt from Perth based handmade business Tied with a Ribbon. Jemima is the creator of a delightful range of craft kits, patterns, decorations and accessories that are great fun for kids (and Mums) of all ages.

Felt Tooth Fairy Pillows by Tied with a Ribbon

My fancy was initially tickled by the Sweet Strawberries Craft Kit, which I thought would be lovely filled with strawberry scented stuffing {or even lavender} for keeping my wardrobe smelling delicious. You could even leave off the hanging ribbon, attach a pin and use it as a brooch. I also quite adore Jemima’s handmade Tooth Fairy Pillows {pictured above} which come in a variety of hair colours so you can match one with your child.

Felt Craft Kits by Tied with a Ribbon

I’m not sure if I should dare mention the “E” word before at least March; and perhaps I should be stoned with stale hot cross buns for being so brazen as to post a picture of an Easter Egg when Santa has only just hung up his sack… However, Tied with a Ribbon have just released a brand new range of super cute goodies for Easter including Decoration Kits and Easter Egg Bags. These would make a fabulous craft project for the kids, or an alternative non-chocolate gift from the Easter Bunny.

Easter Felt Craft Kits by Tied with a Ribbon

CompetitionWould you like to win a Tied with a Ribbon Craft Kit to try out for yourself? We’re super chuffed to have one Sweet Strawberries Set and one Bouncing Bunnies Set to giveaway. To enter, just tell us in the comments section below what you love about crafting. Two winners will be drawn on 27 Jan, 2011.

Attention Oddball Alphabet Fans
We’ve postponed this week’s Oddball Alphabet so we can catch up on some posts that we missed due to the Queensland Floods. However, we’ll it will back next week as we round out the alphabet with x, y and z!

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45 comments to Crafty Pursuits by Tied with a Ribbon + Giveaway!

  • Malea

    Oh those tooth fairy pillows are awesome, i have a couple of kids who will start loosing teeth soon – they would love them. I love crafting because it keeps my hands busy & i love the process of creating something entirely unique & special for the recipient.

  • isabeau

    Everything! It’s challenging, relaxing, good for creative outlets, let off steam, make something that makes you proud especially if it’s a gift and the receipiant loves it. Craft is fun. Can be a hobby, a job, a life and it makes me happy πŸ™‚

  • Jodie-Lee Hoe

    how cute are these little tooth fairy pillows!!…i still have mine from when i was little girl, and was going to pass it on to my little daughter when the time came…but there is always room for creations as cutes as these!! i love crafting and creating things for the simple fact that i love seeing the enjoyment someone gets from something i made. a simple smile is just simply satisfying! =)

  • The sweet strawberries are so cute! I love crafting with my daughter, showing her that there are so many different things that you can make out of almost anything! ~ Christine

  • I love the reward of creating something from scratch and it is an extra buzz when whatever I have created is well received by others

  • Starla

    The satisfaction of having created something with personal flair – whether it be the design, the choice of fabric, the decorations, it’s undeniably unique!

  • Shilpa

    Its a great way to relax and forget about the nagging worries from work. Gives me some much needed “me-time” too πŸ™‚

  • Jo Cee

    Crafting is a relaxing and a productive past time. Enjoying the fruits of your labour is exciting too.

  • Livvy

    I find crafting’s a great, productive way to feel like you’re actually ‘achieving’ something whilst sitting in front of the telly, relaxing after dinner.

  • Carolyn

    I love crafting because it is my ME time! Once the kids are in bed I can sit down relax and let the creative juices flow and be productive. I also love the end results I get to keep.

  • CarolRittner

    I love teaching my grandaughter about sewing and making crafty products, she is very eager to try out ideas.

  • Crafting for me is one of the only things I do that actually stays done! After cooking and cleaning day in, day out, it’s a sanity-saver.

  • Bec

    Crafty goodness keeps the anxious fairies at bay! Also good to know that yourself or a friend has made something rather than supporting a sweatshop industry.

  • I love crafting with my girls! They always teach me something new or look at a project in a fresh new way!

  • For me, craft is meditation. I live my life at break-neck speed, so picking up a needle and thread forces me to slow down, and just be in the moment. Ultimately the end result doesn’t matter – it’s the process that counts!

  • katie

    I love the sense of achievement… and in the words of my 23 month old son, I get such a buzz out of seeing something I did “all by self” πŸ™‚

  • Di

    I love how relaxing it is and I enjoy being creative and just seeing where my imagination takes me!

  • Liz

    I love the dreaming about it beforehand, then watching it come together. I especially love how proud my daughter is when she makes something.

  • Meagan

    I love the feeling when you finish making something and you can sit there and say I made that, and also the whole process of starting with nothing and ending up with something gorgeous!

  • Barbara Skanavis

    It’s a great way to spend time with your kids…

  • Kylie

    I love flexing my creativity and the special satisfaction you get from creating something beautiful that makes someone smile πŸ™‚

  • nadia

    Craft is something enjoyable that is handed down from generation to generation, it makes for great bonding time with you children and whats more adorable than a handmade with love gift!

  • Susie

    I love the creative process, being able to share or have something made by me – even better if it has some history to it, and lately, I’ve really been enjoying the sense of accomplishment from completing a project. I love my quiet time alone crafting, but also love the close connection there is when I create with my kids too. There’s not much about crafting that I don’t like πŸ™‚

  • Crafting keeps me sane and gives me something to show for my day (which is often difficult when parenting pre-schoolers, where mess is usually the only thing I have to show for my day)!

  • I love being able to make something bespoke, one of a kinds and unique! And I love how crafting relaxes me and entertains my kids. πŸ™‚

  • Caila Tran

    BEing creative is like being you! It is unique, fun and always great as you have something to give to your loved ones.

  • Natalie

    I love crafting because it allows me to indulge my creative side while producing something that is useful (or not so useful depending what I’m doing!).

  • Jessie

    I am relatively new to crafting… but am enjoying making one-of-a-kind memories for my kids.

  • joanne

    I love the feeling i get when i finish my craft project and sit back and admire it. The next thing I love is my childrens reactions and watching them get entertainment form what I have made (them playing with it).xx

  • Dy

    I have two small children, and it is my ‘me’ time!

  • Elissa

    Crafting is a way to Relax!
    Better than a ciggie it helps me to Chillax!
    Use your hands and your mind!
    To create a gorgeous orginal find!

  • I love being able to create with my own hands something beautiful! It makes me so happy and proud of myself!

  • Terri Baker

    I feel proud when I hand someone a gift I made myself!!!

  • Carol S.

    I love crafting as I love being creative.
    Simply love all of Jemima’s products.

  • Wendy Hatton

    What lovely bright sewing kits Tied with a Ribbon has. I like to keep my hands busy in the evenings, love making pretty things and trying new crafts.

  • renee

    I love creating my own keepsakes and treasures that i can share with my family and friends. Made with my sweat and tears they are full of heart and my soul.

  • Erica

    I love crafting just because it is so much fun! I love having my creative fix even more now with my own children, they inspire to make more and learn more. I also seem to think my homemade things are so much cooler than shop stuff, even if I am the only one thinking that!

  • Jodie Robertson

    It’s an enjoyable and rewarding way to spend time with your children.

  • i heart craft because…it challenges my mind, busies my hands & when given as a gift it demonstrates my heart.

  • Kerrie B

    I am new to crafting, only starting June last year when i bought myself a sewing machine. I wish i had done it sooner! I started sewing lessons and i just love that “me time” i get each week in class. I love the feeling of creating something from scratch! hard to explain the feeling, but i feel so proud of my work- it may not be completely perfect but its all handmade by me!

  • Amanda Gorton

    The only rules to crafting are to let your mind run wild!

  • Caroline K

    I do not often get to show my creative side. I love using bright colours, and, different textures to make something unique; an extension of myself.

  • Kimberley Belford

    I love creating handmade crafty creations and my daughter definetly takes after her mummy and adoes making crafty items too – love the mummy and daughter time whilst creating crafty things

  • Amulya

    I treasure anything that’s handmade and appreciate the effort that goes into it. Crafting is a wonderful way to relax and I treasure the smiles I get when I gift my handmade items to friends and family.

  • Priscilla Golz

    I love making craft items for gifts!

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