Get Schooled!

Kids back to school this week? Are they as Peppy as Giuseppe? or as Sad as Brad? If you’re dealing with the latter, here’s a few surefire items to cheer them up and get them in the school spirit! Disclaimer: below-mentioned items should only be used for tomfoolery and shenanigans. Not recommended as a study technique.

Amusing Back to School products

Amusing Back to School products

  1. Book Ninja Bookmark by Hesed Books and Gifts
  2. Zombies Ate My Homework Button by Barrel of Monkeys
  3. Bizarro Glasses from Urban Attitude
  4. Which Panda are YOU Pencil Case by Kukubee
  5. Monkey Snack Sacks by Bee Things
  6. Luchador Thumb Wrestlers by Ity-Bity Bags
  7. Elementary Cool Penmanship Pillow by Shop Dirtsa
  8. Superhero Underpants by Baby Ala Mode

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1 comment to Get Schooled!

  • Jenni-Mae

    I love these finger puppets what a fabulous distraction from school work OR a great way to incorporate some fun into homework…I’m getting me some of those.

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