Leave it to Beaver...

If I lived in my own little Utopia, it’s highly likely that my house {or at least, my entire office} would be stacked to the rooftops with a giant extended family of plushies from all around the world. I find them {as Robert Palmer would say…} simply irresistible and they are a constant source of amusement to me. The latest little guys on my wishlist are these brilliant Beavers by Pooknflip Productions.

Beaver Handmade Plush Toys, Softies

Pooknflip Productions Plush Art Softies are handcrafted in Michigan USA by the crafty Cassandra {international shipping is available}. Each one is made from a range of salvaged, vintage and new materials with vintage button eyes and ployfil/pinto bean stuffing. The mix and match fabrics gives each Beaver a unique character that is bursting with whimsy.

Beaver Handmade Plush Toys, Softies

Beaver Handmade Plush Toys, Softies

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  • Thanks so much for the plushie love! I too am a plush art addict – I love the variety of super talented plushie artists that are out there and have collected quite a few myself. 🙂 (PS: Have you seen my latest? Gnomes!!)

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