1st of the month... HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Wow… can you believe it’s 2011!? It seems like just yesterday that we were bracing ourselves for the big 2000. I for one am very excited about the beginning of a new decade. I’ve got a list of resolutions as long as Santa’s Naughty List {and I hear it’s verrrry long…}. PLUS, to kick off the year with a bang, we’ve got a big fun giveaway for you!

Happy New Year from The Party Puppy!

Subscribers Competition

Lovely Little Parties is a new online store that was launched in October 2010. It’s a one stop shop for creating fabulously fun parties for little folk, with a range of mix and match party products such as stationery, decorations, cupcake liners, candles and heaps more.

Lovely Little Parties Competition

I love the fact that the range comes in modern, bright styles that aren’t too cutesy. It means that you can use them for all age ranges, and they will fit in easily with your theme. The collection is constantly growing, and there’s a bunch of handmade party goods and new designers on the way… so stay tuned!

CompetitionOur first giveaway of 2011 is especially designed to ensure that your 2011 parties will be the talk of the town! Thanks to the very generous Virginia from Lovely Little Parties, we have TWO complete party packs to giveaway, valued at $101 each. To enter our monthly subscriber competition, simply sign up to our newsletter. All subscribers are automatically entered into the prize draw.

Bonus PrizeIf you’re super keen on winning the Lovely Little Parties prize, you can score an extra entry into the draw by leaving a comment on this post telling us your new years resolution! Two winners will be drawn {one for boys and one for girls} on 1 February, 2011.

Our December Competition Winner..

Before I go, I have one more important announcement… The winner of our December prize! A huge congratulations goes to April Manley who has won a $100 shopping spree from Miss Haidee! Yippeeee!

December Competition Winner

Wow… that was a mammoth first of the month post {the woolly kind of course, cos they’re the most fun…}

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83 comments to 1st of the month… HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  • Annette

    Give my children memorable birthday parties surrounded by gorgeous things that last

  • Anna

    Live for the moment and worry less, after all, life is a precious gift that we really must treasure.

  • seana

    Lovely stuff! I have so many plans for the new year to spend more quality time with my family, to eat healthy get my house organised …oh yeah win more competions

  • Kell

    To start having date nights with my husband and family dates on weekends (and of course the obligatory: lose weight and get fit!hahahaha)

  • Jessica

    To declutter and not do so much – relax and enjoy more time with my family

  • renee

    To keep my house clean and tidy for the first year since my kids were born, here’s hoping!

  • Nikki Tandy

    My resolution is not to fret if the icing on the cupcakes for my kids’ parties is a little wonky this year, but to gracefully accept that this is what happens when the birthday child and their siblings are old enough to “help”!

  • Erica

    To be a nicer loving person to myself and my family. Also something that is going to take quite a while….start printing all these dang photos off my computer over the last five years!!! and put them in albums.

  • Kerrie

    My top 3 resolutions are 1) create a veggie garden 2) date night with the hubbie once a mth 3)be the best mum i can can be!

  • Amanda Gorton

    So I am never to disappointed in myself at the beginning of the New Year I always aim to be in a better position by the end of the year. Whether I have redecorated my house, bought a new large household item, advanced in my career or travelled. Whatever it be moving forward means success!

  • just to relax more and be more in the moment, enjoy my sons for all the little things that each day brings

  • Kimberley Belford

    spend more time with my children and my fiance’ and never take anything for granted – life is so precious

  • Nicole Kent

    To finally get my body back to what it was since having my baby – no matter how hard I have to work!!!

  • Chrissy

    I’m returning to part-time work after having a baby 9 months ago. My NY resolution is to maintain a healthy home, work, life balance!

  • joey

    My NY Resolution is to take a step back, stop yelling at the kids for leaving their toys all over the house, or for waking up their baby brother. I want to enjoy every moment more and cherish it.

  • Mandy Graham

    My new years resolution is to get fitter.

  • Meagan

    To eat healthy and say NO more often to the kids as in No McDonalds, No KFC and No you can’t…

  • Fran

    To worry less!

  • Milika

    Aim for one educational excursion a week.

  • Chrissy M

    For me it’s to be more creative. I’ve just been given a sewing machine and I can’t wait to create. No more buying pants for the boys, I’m going to make some funky pants and overalls.

    Also to do more big projects with the boys – we only made a couple last year. We’re starting our first project next week, I’ve just got to buy the materials. We’re making a giant paper mache teepee painted rainbow colours (my 4 yr olds favourite) and waterproof it so it can stay outside 🙂

  • Being a WAHM, I want to work smarter & not harder this year and I aim to be a better & more efficient juggler of all things at once!

  • My New Years Resolution is not waste time. Always treasure the time I have and make the most of it whilst living in the present.

  • Angylene

    It’s def to lose this extra baby weight!! So boring being healthy LOL …

  • Ann-Marie

    My new years resolution is to purchase to properties by the end of the year

  • My top resolution is to at least get 5 out of 10 resolutions I made this year, that would be; bake a whole cake (not cupcakes), sew a doll, go to the zoo (sounds easy but last year I didn’t visit at all!), learn a new song on the piano, try to have another baby. Wish me luck!

  • Keren

    I want to increase the positivity in our family, live more, love more and laugh more with my kids, family and friends

  • Rebecca

    MY New Year’s Resolution is to throw only fabulous parties with gorgeous details and loads of laughter.

  • as my son is going to school this year and I am left with his little sister, i plan to create lovely mother/daughter memories for the both of us while we get used to not having my son with us

  • My new year’s resolution is to get more organised with my crafting and supplies and set up my craft room! Oh, and also to seriously work at losing weight too.

  • Resolutions:
    -better stay on top of the messy clutter that a family of seven creates.
    -cook at home more/eat out less
    -sew more/start doing custom sewing to sell

  • Kylie

    To join the gym and go at 6am before hubby heads off to work. I’m doing 3 mornings a week so far and working my way up to 5. I need a lot of energy to run around after 2 little ones.

  • Jenni-Mae

    To live in the moment and love the space I am in..be happy with the way things are and not fret over what may be!!

  • Lara D

    DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL THINGS – I am such a ‘stress-head’ and worry over the smallest problems/issues! Who cares if I haven’t had time to vacuum for a few days?

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