Interview - Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band

What’s spinning in the {KID} independent household this week? Over the holidays, our family got hooked on the Luckiest Adventure EP by Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band. With a folksy pop appeal, and lyrics that are just plain fun, it’s an album that will appeal to kids of all ages. Here’s the inside scoop on the album + the low down on the band.

Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band

About Lucky Diaz

It’s hard to pick a favourite song off the EP, but the lyrics “Knock, Knock.. Who’s there? Orange… Orange Who? Orange you glad it’s me!” from the song “Let Me Be Yours” makes me smile every time I hear it. You just can’t beat a classic Dad joke. I’m also very fond of the Doo-Wop melodies and storytelling lyrics of “Fire Fighter Girl” and her cat saving adventures.

The catchiest song of the lot though would have to be “This Old Man”. It’s an indie-pop take on the classic nursery rhyme, and you’ll find it hard to hold back the sing-a-long, even if you’ve got a singing voice like a screeching banshee… oh wait, maybe that’s just me! Thank god my husband is tone deaf!

Head over to the Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band website to listen to a couple of sample tracks, and then scroll down to read our interview with the band.

Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band

About Lucky Diaz

Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band is…
An explosion on the kid’s music scene! Indie pop beats coupled with heart-felt lyrics. The little ones in your life won’t be the only one’s moving and grooving. Our group consists of:

Lucky Diaz (Guitar and Vocals-Singer/Songwriter/Session guitarist) Lucky is obsessed with music of all kinds, especially the Beatles and Beach Boys. A California native in love with the California sound.

Alisha Gaddis (Vocals, Percussion and Co-lyricist) Alisha has appeared all over the world-  from New York’s Broadway Theatres to Australia’s Sydney Opera House – from big stages to the small screen.  She writes children’s books too!

Theron Derrick (Drums) Theron began causing mischief in the halls of Motown at a young age, and went onto play with such greats as The Temptations, Hall and Oats, and Lenny Kravitz (to name only a few!)

Together, the trio brings the indie pop beats that have tots drooling!

The story of how we met + began making beautiful music together is…
Lucky – I began playing the Beatles and Buddy Holly song books for my daughter, Ella, during bath time. She had so much fun discovering their work it inspired me to write family originals! When I met Alisha she was already a professional performer.  We both loved creating, and from our passion to make something special for children the Family Jam Band was born! Soon after, I met Theron while playing session gigs for American Idol alums, as well as Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee, Darlene Love. It was a blessing to get booked on the same gigs.  We all became friends, and from there we knew we would be together for a very long time.

Our top five favourite albums of all time are…
(Don’t you love how Aussies spell ‘favourite’?  We do! Ps: Alisha used to be a Resident of Oz!…little known fact!)

A Top Five is tough, but we’d have to say at least the following (this was a group effort!):

  1. The Beatles, Revolver (Lucky’s pick) Really a perfect record in where the young Beatles met the mature Beatles.
  2. The Beach Boys, Pet Sounds. (Lucky’s pick) A true pop music masterpiece. “God Only Knows” must be the most hauntingly beautiful pop record ever written. Period.
  3. Guys and Dolls, original Broadway cast recording (Alisha’s pick!) Seriously, every single song in this musical is genius.  Nothing beats, “Luck be a Lady.”
  4. The Temptations Greatest Hits (Group Pick!) The moment you hear the first six notes of “My Girl” you’re in love.
  5. The B-52’s Cosmic Thing. The first cassette tape Lucky ever purchased as a kid. It’s a full on party from the first down beat. “Love Shack” is the greatest party song of the 90’s.

Our go to song for karaoke is…
Alisha – People always invite Lucky and I to karaoke parties- thinking that since we are performers, we would be really great at it.  But Lucky gets a little shy, and I get freaked out by reading the words and performing at the same time!  But if I had to choose- I love Ike and Tina Turner’s, “Proud Mary”- it makes me laugh because I get super into it!!

Lucky Diaz and The Family Jam Band

If we were to sum up our musical style in one sentence it would be…
Heart-felt, dynamic melodies for listeners of any age.

When we’re not recording music, our favourite thing to do is…
Lucky – Well, Theron loves to take his motorcycles out (I want to get a café racer to go out with him soon!) Alisha and I love discovering adventures wherever we go.  No matter where we are we will always find something interesting and new to see, do, taste or try.  Oh and our guilty pleasure is watching wedding shows on tv, but don’t tell anyone I admitted that!

The album cover art for Luckiest Adventures was designed by…
Lucky – The talented Micah Player. You can find more of his extraordinary work at  Isn’t he rad?!

The coolest thing that has ever happened to us on tour is…
Alisha – Ooooh!  I have one! Just recently, we played at LEGOLAND for New Year’s Eve.  It was a phenomenal show and event.  Ella got to come up with us onstage for the countdown.  There were so many people everywhere as we all counted down…5…4…3…2…1…HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Confetti exploded, everyone was laughing and dancing!  Then, they had tons of fireworks and special glasses that made the fireworks look like Legos.  Ella had the glasses plastered to her face.  She turned around her little body was shaking because she was so excited and she said, “This is so awesome!”  It was at that moment, I thought ‘Wow, we get to make music together.  This is our life.’  It was awesome!

When writing lyrics, we draw inspiration from…
We draw inspiration from everywhere and everything. We’re really into simple beautiful songs. Buddy Holly for example, conveyed complex emotions in simple stanzas and melodies. That’s what we strive for. Our new album is chocful of songs that reflect our lives and the lives we want children to experience.  The songs range from magical whimsy, to self-empowerment, from smiles to racecars.

We have a new one about an astronaut cat that is obsessed with the moon, because he really thinks it is made from cheese!  That song happened because our neighborhood has a bunch of cats roaming around, and we thought they needed a theme song!

The one thing that very few people know about us is…
We, (Lucky and Alisha) are engaged!  We really are a Family Jam Band!

Also, we name our cars, love to have dance parties in supermarkets, and live in a magical cottage (It really IS magical!!).

And we are super thankful for your time!  Happy listening!

Photo Credit – Image at top of page by harbichtphoto

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