Oddball Alphabet... The Letter V

Welcome to our very first oddball alphabet of 2011! Today’s feature is proudly brought to you by the Vivacious Letter V. He’s a vivid and vibrant fellow; he’s vigilant and never slack. He’s made up of pointy pixels, and his foot is as sharp as a tack!

The Letter V - Dr. Spock Art Print

1950s Art Print and Old School Record Player Onesie

Future Artist Onesie and Valentines Day Card

Viking Hat Crochet Pattern and Sad Puppy Dog Print

The Joker Gift Tags and Batman Illustrated Art Print

Skeleton Gift Tags and Vocabulary Magnets

The Letter V

Vulcan – Mr. Spock Art Print by Geek Boy Press
Vacuum – 50’s Fashionista Print by Graphite Girl
Vinyl – Vintage Record Player by ChiTown Boutique
Vicarious – Future Artist Kids T-shirt by Classy Tees
Valentine – Love You Greeting Card by Able & Game
Viking – Crochet Hat Pattern by Mamachee
Veterinarian – Dejected Puppy Dog Print by Little Odd Me
Villain – Joker, Penguin, and Riddler Tags by Zombiepiece Theatre
Vigilante – Original Dark Batman Sketchcard by Original Artwork by BOO
Violin Virtuoso – Ruby Plays In Striped Socks Print by The Extent of Silence
Ventriloquist – Charlie McCarthy Edgar Bergen Collage by Old Paper Arts
Vertebrae – The Human Body Tags by Wondrous Curiosa
Vocabulary – Old Timey ‘H’ Words Magnet Set by Parsnip & Pear

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