Oddball Alphabet... The Letter W

It’s Oddball Alphabet time! Wondering what we’ve done with our wacky words this week? We’ve welcomed worldly well-wishers, for all the wit you seek. This wide and wealthy letter stands tall on pointy peaks. Be careful not to wrong him, or havoc he will wreak.

Yoda Baby Bodysuit and Rattle by Mi Cielo

Dr Who Art Print and Beetle Art Display

Compass Necklace and Leather Baby Booties

Andy Warhol Art Print and Wombles Books

Wanderlust Art Print and Wooden Whale Toy

Handmade Dachshund Softie and Sushi Play Food Set

Knitted Webbed Feet and Willy Wonka Wooden Dolls

The Letter W

Wise – Yoda Baby Bodysuit and Rattle by Mi Cielo
Who? – Dr Who Print by Geek Boy Press
What? – Beetle Riding a Tricycle Art Display by Bug Under Glass
Where? – Lost at Sea Compass Necklace by Made by Moe
Why? – Leather Baby Booties by Boolah Baguette
Warhol – Andy Warhol Art Print by David R Collier
Womble – Cool Kids Books by The Wombles
Wanderlust – The World Traveler Art Print by Loxly Hollow
Whale – Whale Rollimal by US Wood Toys
Weiner Dog – Handmade Dachshund Softie by Friends of Socktopus
Wasabi – Felt Sushi Set by One N Only
Webbed – Handmade Knitted Frog Feet Booties by The Miniature Knit Shop
Willy Wonka – Chocolate Factory Figure Set by Wee Wood Be Pals

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