Oddball Alphabet... The Letter X

Happy Monday friends, and welcome to our most challenging Oddball Alphabet feature yet! Tricky old X is a complicated fellow. He’s strong, and serious and rarely mellow. He’s a lover of language, and some call him snobby. Learning big words is his favourite hobby! As this week’s post is particularly perplexing, I’ve included definitions of each word at the end of the post.

Handmade Yellow Monster Plushie

Kids Pirate Art Print and Vintage Xylophone Book

Vintage Kids Sewing Pattern and Alien Art Print

X-Men Cufflinks and X-Ray Specs Glasses

Paris or Bust and Cactus Art Prints

Numbers Poster and Owl Art Print

Xena Warrior Princess Plushie and Cat Art Print

The Letter X

Xanthochromatic – Yellow Plush Monster by Muncle Fred ART

Xiphoid – Johnny the Pirate Art Print by Tamsyn Larissa

Xylophone – Vintage Children’s Book by NachoKitty
A musical instrument.

Xanadu – Vintage Simplicity Jumpsuit Pattern by Luckiest Girl
A 1980’s Musical Film that celebrates the humble Roller Disco.

Xenomorph – Xenomatryoshka Original Art by Spitecho
Name invented for the extraterrestrial creatures in the film Aliens.

X-Men – Wolverine Super Hero Cufflinks by QA CREATE
A superhero team created by Marvel Comics.

X-ray Vision – 1950’s X-Ray Gogs Novelty Glasses at Tin Toy Arcade
An electromagnetic wave of which is able to pass through many materials.

Xenophile – Paris or Bust Art Photo by Simply Hue
An individual who is attracted to foreign peoples, manners, or cultures.

Xerophile – Sometimes I Dress Like A Cactus Art Print by Noosed Kitty
A Plant adapted to a very dry climate or habitat.

X – Mister Numbers Print by Sugarfresh
Roman numeral: A group or unit of ten people or things.

Xylem – Retro Owls in Tree Art Print by Lee Arthaus
The woody element in the stem of a plant.

Xena – Warrior Plushie by Leloi (unfortunately not for sale)
Xena, a Warrior Princess.

Xerox – Photocopy Print of Cat by An Art Chaosmos
A xerographic copying process.

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