Fresh Baked Friday... Tea Pony!

Hello folks, and a big Happy Friday to ya! I’m in a fantastic mood today as my weekend will finally be back to normal after several weeks of upheaval. Sushi and Gelato, here I come! Of course, before I skip happily down to the shop to treat myself to a decent cup of coffee, I have some fresh baked goodness to share!

Tea Pony Children's Clothing

This simply delightful singlet is new to the Tea Pony collection. I don’t think it could possibly be any sweeter, even if it was made from marshmallows, strawberries and sugar-coated thread… Mmmm… Marshmallows! It’s perfect for pairing with the matching Tea Pony Frill Shorts and makes a lovely outfit for a summer frolic in the park or a dash through the sprinkler!

Tea Pony Children's Clothing

That’s it for another working week on {KID} independent. Be sure to stop by over the weekend for some more indie fun. Tomorrow, we have the inside scoop on a brand new CD for kids.

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