Fresh Baked Friday... Nice Hooters!

Happy Friday my fabulous friends! Today’s post has a bit of everything… a Dad joke, a cool handmade softie and a quick lesson in animation. The precursor to this post was an email that I received this week from the lovely Cintia at My Poppet. It contained a picture of her newest owl-iffic creation, along with a challenge that I just couldn’t possibly resist, Animation Friday!

Handmade Owl Softie

First up, here’s the awesome softie. Each one is handmade from felted recycled knitwear and woollen blankets. No two are alike and each has their own name, rad! You’ll find them online at My Poppet.

Animation Friday - Sing a Rainbow

Next up, my submission for Cintia’s Animation Friday Challenge. I decided that since I love colour so very much, I’d sing all the colours of the rainbow. If you’d like to try your hand creating an animated image, you can find a set of simple instructions on the My Poppet blog. Take a little look at all of Cintia’s past animations while you’re there.

Finally, an honorable mention goes out to Cintia’s husband for his awesomely awful Dad joke (nice hooters).

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