Fresh Baked Friday... Big Bear Hugs!

Happy Friday! Are you ready for a fun-filled weekend? I sure am! To send you off with a smile on your face and love in your heart, today I present the Bear Cushion by Strawberry Kitten. Each one is lovingly handmade from fleece fabric with felt and fleece details, and long arms ready for cuddles. Wouldn’t you love one to sit on your sofa each day?

Handmade Plush Bear Cushion

Strawberry Kitten is the creation of UK based Mum, Crafter and Illustrator, Sian. In her collection you’ll find a range of plush bears {you might remember these from our Plushie-Palooza Toy Festival}, art prints, posters, accessories and limited edition homewares.

Handmade Plush Bear Cushion

Handmade Plush Bear Cushion

As well as these fab bear cushions, I’ve also fallen in love with the Strawberry Kitten bear badges. In particular, the little guy carrying the cupcake with one solitary candle… very apt, given this is our 1st Birthday Celebration week!

Have an awesome weekend!

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