Kawaii for You... 5 Days of Birthday Fun!

Mucho excitemento! Our friends over at Kawaii for You are celebrating their first birthday and that means we get to indulge in all sorts of sensational savings and sublime shopping! Each day for 5 days, there will be 30% off a different range of products… scroll down to get the inside scoop!

Kawaii for You Birthday Sale

Kawaii for You Birthday Sale

Starting today {Tuesday 8th February, 2011} you’ll find a HUGE 30% OFF a different bunch of products each day for 5 days. To find out which products are discounted, you can either sign up to the Newsletter, or follow on Facebook or Twitter to find out {at 7am} which collection of products will be on sale.

I’m hoping to see the sweet muffin bag going at 30% off… it’s just so darn cute! I’ve also got my eye on one of the exclusive Insulated Lunch Bags from the Kawaii for You house label. They’re available in Cat {as pictured above}, Monkey and Frog.

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