Meet the Boogles!

Happy Happy, Joy Joy! Meet the Boogles! I’ve spent all morning admiring these little handmade delights trying to choose one to join my family. The problem is that they’re all so darn cute, I’m finding it impossible to decide. At first I fell in love with the smiley little lady with the blue face… but then I came across the green fuzzy haired sweetie with the pink dress!

Boogles - Handmade Softies - Fairtrade

Here’s five fab reasons why you should invite a Boogle in to your life…

  1. They are handmade with luuuurve.
  2. Every Boogle is an individual + no two are alike.
  3. Some are happy, some are grumpy.. and some are simple naughty!
  4. Buying one helps to support the village communities that make them.
  5. Boogles are manufactured in an ethically responsible environment.

Boogles - Handmade Softies - Fairtrade

You’ll find Boogles at a range of stockists across Australia including Popink and Small World.

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