Mister Mista - Series 04 Sneaky Peek!

Oh boy, we’re excited about this one! The folks at Mister Mista are back for another season with a whole new range of rad illustrations. You’ll find eight  new stylin’ designs on offer, including a range of long sleeve tees and fleece hoodies for the cooler months. Here’s a sneaky peek.

Mister Mista Series 4 - Boys T-shirts + Hoodies

I’m crazy about the Hip Hop Robot Tee, got a big giggle out of the Frankly My Deer design and think that Mista Meanor is the coolest little mischief maker I’ve laid eyes on. However, I think my pick of the bunch this year is the smiley little dude that sits at 145 on the height chart… coolest height chart ever!

Mister Mista Series 4 - Boys T-shirts + Hoodies

You’ll find Mister Mista Series 04 online at their webstore, and also at a range of fine stockists across the country.

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