Precious Autumn… Olive’s Friend Pop!

This is the third release from Olive’s Friend Pop that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing with you, and as someone with a fondness for vintage styling, you can imagine the joy it brings me. Take a look at theses beauties… the silhouettes are simply charming, the fabric is sublime…. it’s vintage heaven!

Olive's Friend Pop Autumn Winter 2011

Not only is the Olive’s Friend Pop collection supremely precious, each season we also get to take a nostalgic walk down memory lane as we read through the names of the garments. This season we meet Silvy, Esther, Ethal, Frankie, Kitty, Harry, Louie and Norma.

Olive's Friend Pop Autumn Winter 2011

You’ll find Olive’s Friend Pop online at Kawaii Kids and Little Indigo, with the winter styles hitting the shelves very shortly.

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2 comments to Precious Autumn… Olive’s Friend Pop!

  • Erica

    Golly gosh those dresses are AMAZING! They are so perfect, beautiful colours too. Love at first sight 🙂

  • WOW! Absolutely gorgeous. Have 3 daughters, unfortunately only one small enough to wear it. Beautiful colours andchoice of fabrics. Love the names of yesteryear to name products. Great idea.

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