Oddball Alphabet... Tongue Twisters!

Today’s tantalising tomfoolery is a wordy collection of cackle-worthy creations that’ll have your tongue in a proverbial twist! Try repeating these little suckers swiftly! It’ll set your head in a spin… olly idly ogled the oddball alphabet optimistically!

Handmade Lamb Beanie and Sheep Softie

Bubblegum Art Prints

Womens Slippers and Baby Booties

Amigurumi Frog and Handmade Frog Softie

Pear Softie and Pear Print Childrens Dress

Clown Art Print and Handmade Felt Birthday Crown

Needle Felted Black Bear and Grizzly Bear Art Print

Tongue Twisters!

The sixth sick sheik’s sixth silly sheep.

Double bubble gum, bubbles double.

Slick slim slippers sliding south slowly.

Five friendly frogs frolicked through the fields.

Picky people prefer pears with pretty pockets.

Clowns grow glowing crowns.

The big brown bear is the big black bear’s buddy.

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