Wonderfully Wooly... My Winter Woodland!

Here’s a collection that I’ve been eyeing off for the upcoming winter season. The collection is handmade by from marissa v. and is a mix of 100% cotton and pure wool fabrics. The designs are modern and playful, and are available in a range of funky unisex colours. It’s super style and super comfort all rolled into one.

Handmade kids clothes by from marissa v.

Of all the designs in the from marissa v. collection, it was the Wool Bubble Top in Citron with matching Wool Patch Pants that really tickled my fancy. I just adore the little knee patches and squirt-lemon-in-your-eye brightness of the top. A great colour for bubbly babies with big personalities.

Handmade kids clothes by from marissa v.

Handmade kids clothes by from marissa v.

From marissa v. is made by hand in Washington, USA. International shipping is available.

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