Creative Cravings... Picturesque Pachyderms!

Do your ears hang out? Can you waggle them about? Can you flip them up and down as you fly around the town? Can you shut them up for sure when you hear an awful bore? Do your ears hang out? Introducing the perfectly pleasant, possibly pudgy, predominantly playful, Pachyderms!

Handmade Elephant Plushie Soft Toy

Handmade Elephant Bib and Children's Dress

Handmade Elephant Card

Handmade Elephant Wooden Toy and Softie

Handmade Elephants

  1. Handmade Elephant Softie by Murdock Design
  2. Organic Elephant Bib by Down Home Amy
  3. The Big Elephant Dress by Way Cool Kid
  4. Elephant on Wheels by Green Bean Toys
  5. Emet Elephant by Rabbitsmoon
  6. Elephant Card by SparklePaw

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