Creative Cravings... Vitamin A!

Do you do carrot stew? A healthy scoop of carrot soup? Or would you make carrot cake? Or mashed potatoes and a piece of steak? Why not try, carrot pie? Or toss them in with a beef stir fry? Chill them, chop them, eat them raw? Juice them, sip them, through a straw?

Handmade Carrot Toys, Art, Clothing, Accessories

Handmade Carrot Toys, Art, Clothing, Accessories

  1. The Perfect Pair Print by Runaway Dreams
  2. Acrylic Robot Painting by Wayward Girl Meets Boy
  3. Eat Your Carrots Elephant Brooch by Made by Agah
  4. Carrot Moustache Pocket Mirror by Kikichoo
  5. Vintage Inspired Rabbit Folk Art by Trieste Prusso
  6. Glass Carrot Brooch by Little Mo and Friends
  7. Bunny with Carrot by Dancing in the Rains
  8. Carrot Hair Clip by Jellabee

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1 comment to Creative Cravings… Vitamin A!

  • The pocket mirror featuring the carrot with the mo is just too cute. A few great ideas for Easter as alternatives to chocolate..(or maybe with some chocolate for those die-hards 🙂

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