Spoil Yourself Sunday - Cute Ballet Flats

Today I thought I’d share some goodies for grownups. One of my absolute must-haves for Autumn is a pair (or three) of cute ballet flats. Let’s face it, when you’re running all over town with pick ups, drop offs and activities, comfort is key. But that doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself to something a little bit pretty.

Handmade Ballet Flats by EXTRASEED

These ballet flats are handmade by the folks at EXTRASEED, a label based in ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia. They use new scrap fabrics and leather that is considered waste in garment factories to produce the upper of the shoe. The sole of the shoe is made from recycled rubber that comes primarily from used car tyres. Sustainable, and stylish!

Handmade Ballet Flats by EXTRASEED

EXTRASEED happily ship around the globe at reasonable cost. Fabrics shoes will set you back around $38, with leather priced at around $56.

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