Creative Cravings... Bow Ties are Cool!

Bow ties, as Dr. Who {number eleven} would say, are cool! Frank Zappa wrote a song about them. They’ve been proudly worn by such legends as Humphrey Bogart, Frank Sinatra, Fred Astaire, Huckleberry Hound, Magilla Gorilla, Waylon Smithers, James Bond, Donald Duck and Grouch Marx! Now THAT is a dinner party that I would love to attend…

Handmade kids bow ties, toys, clothes and necklace

Bow ties are cool

  1. Mr. White with Bow Tie Plushie by Dancing in The Rains
  2. Bow Tie Dog Collar by Silly Buddy
  3. Sky Blue Spotted White Bow Tie by Tiny Ties
  4. Owl and Balloon Print by Stephanie Fizer Coleman
  5. Little Bows Ponytail Holders by Tsura Li
  6. Bow Tie Necklace by Uncommon
  7. Beau Tinkerbell by Ninon
  8. Handmade Polka Dot Shoes by Bella Forever

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