Some bunny loves me...

Easter will be here in a hop, skip and jump so I thought I’d plan well in advance by sharing some of my favourite handmade bunnies. You’ve still got about a month to get organised, which is plenty of time to treat yourself to an adorable little bunny from any corner of the globe!

Handmade Bunny Rabbit Toy Softie and Plate

Handmade Bunny Rabbit T-shirt and Toy

Handmade Bunny Rabbit Toy and Clutch Purse

Handmade Bunny Rabbit Toy Softies

Handmade Bunny Rabbit Toy Softies

Handmade Bunny Rabbit T-shirt and Necklace

Handmade Bunny Rabbits

  1. Handmade Rabbit Softie by Plushka
  2. Shy Bunny Vintage Illustrated Plate by The Storybook Rabbit
  3. Origami Easter Rabbit T-shirt by Mini Envy
  4. Tiny Needle-Felted Bunny by Fairyfolk
  5. Bunny Pocket Doll by Feltmates
  6. Fifi Lapin Bunny Rabbit Clutch by KisslockXO
  7. Bunny Boy Softie by Bobaloo!
  8. Handmade Rabbit Doll by TIMO Handmade
  9. Easter Rabbit Softie by Red Stitch Designs
  10. Linen Handmade Bunny by Bubby Makes Three
  11. Honey Bunny T-shirt by Pini Piru Kids
  12. Bunny Necklace by Szeya Designs

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