Heavenly Hue... Green with Envy

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s Day, so I thought I’d get you in the mood with a big bunch of green goodies. This post was inspired by the dapper little chap in the striped bow-tie and suspenders. He’s awfully cute, and clearly the apple of his mama’s eye {I know, I know, that was a terrible, terrible pun}!

Green Handmade Kids Clothes, Toys, Dolls + Shoes

No to meanies, yes to greenies!

  1. Lil’ Man Bowtie and Suspender Set by Rose is a Rose
  2. STELLA Plushie by CouCou
  3. Panda Tee by Jasper Hearts Wren
  4. Handmade Kids Shoes by Chook Leaf
  5. Green Polka Dot Bear by A Home for a Bear
  6. Margarita Girl Handmade Figurine by Magicbeanbuyer
  7. Pocket Pixie Pattern by Gingermelon
  8. KoolKid Rattle/Teether by Mimishop

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