Hop & Peck... Inspiring Little Imaginations

I love a modern wooden toy, and I love it even more when it’s handmade by crafty design oriented folks! This collection by Hop & Peck captured my attention earlier in the month and I’ve been craving ginger, the mighty cool cat ever since.

Hop & Peck Handmade Wooden Toys

The Hop & Peck collection is designed and handcrafted in the UK from traditional beech plywood and features ergonomic lines, chunky pieces and child friendly grips. I love the whimsical appearance of the toys, they’re the kind of product that you’re happy to have messing up your lounge room, because they’re just so darn cute. In fact, even when your kids have outgrown them, you might like to keep them around just to give you a smile.

Hop & Peck Handmade Wooden Egg Cup

Hop & Peck Handmade Wooden Mobiles

As well as their toy collection, Hop & Peck also create beautiful children’s furniture, mobiles and accessories. I’m particularly adoring the Bunny Ears Egg Cup, a lovely little treat for Easter.

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