Music Week - Got Rhythm?

Welcome to day three of music week! Today we’ve decided to make some noise! It’s all about instruments of the world. Learn how to appreciate the grooves, beats and rhythms and try your hand a making some music yourself. If you don’t have the real thing handy… why not start a pots and pans band?

Musical Instruments for Kids

I have very fond memories of a holiday music class that I attended a few years ago that involved learning about instruments from around the world. It sparked all sorts of pipe dreams about signing up for advanced guitar lessons and putting together a garage band. Unfortunately they still remain pipe dreams to this very day but that doesn’t stop me from pulling out the guitar from time to time and terrorising the neighbours.

Today we have a couple of recently released CDs that celebrate world music and help kids to learn about instruments {and maybe pick up a bit of Spanish at the same time}.

Pinata Party by Moona Luna

Piñata Party is a Latin-inspired bilingual CD by Brooklyn-based musicians Moona Luna. The band joins together the creative talents of New York-based songwriter Sandra Velasquez and her critically acclaimed Latin band Pistolera.

As someone who has never really taken the time to explore Latin music, boy did I have fun playing this CD at a recent weekend BBQ. The rhythms are made for dancing, and the tunes are so catchy that you’ll be singing along happily whilst inadvertently learning a new language at the same time. My favourite sing-a-long track on the album is “Tomorrow’s Another Day. Other stand-outs are “Hay Que Trabajar (we all have to work)” and “Queires Bailar?”. You can take a listen at the Moona Luna website.

The Wheels on the Bus by Groove Kid Nation

The Wheels on the Bus by Groove Kid Nation is one of those surprise CDs that if you picked it up in store without taking a listen, you might jump to the conclusion that it’s another cutesy album of Play School type songs. However, look a little closer and you’ll discover a bunch of children’s classics sung by the seriously funky Rodney Lee who has a voice like Barry White meets James Brown.

You’ll also discover the funkiest version of The Wheels on the Bus that you’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing. Oh… and you’ll learn about instruments along the way and most likely bust out some seriously soulful dance moves. You can take a listen at the Groove Kid Nation website.

Congratulations to our winners… Dianne S., Natalie B., Leonie M., and Jamie Z.

CompetitionHooray for giveaways! We have two copies of Piñata Party and two copies of Wheels on the Bus by Groove Kid Nation to giveaway. Would you like to win one? Just tell us {in the comments section} which musical instrument you play {or dream of playing}. Four winners will be drawn on 7 April, 2011. ENTRIES OPEN WORLDWIDE!

Indie Style Board

  1. Plan Toys Wooden Toy Drum from Eco Toys
  2. Educo Early Melodies Rhythm Set from Unique Kids
  3. Eco-friendly Fish Xylophone from Beyond Pink & Blue
  4. Painted Maracas from Oxfam
  5. Mini Wah Wah Pipe from Honeybee Toys
  6. Wooden Bell Stick from Oxfam
  7. Nathalie Lete Guitar from Lark

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24 comments to Music Week – Got Rhythm?

  • seana

    Maracas, tambourine…LOL the only thing I am OK on is the zils from all my years at bellydance classes. My 8 year old son is shaping up to be a good Didgeridoo player. For a family of music fans we are not very musical!

  • Di

    I used to play the violin and the piano when I was a kid. Now, as an adult, I want to learn guitar! That would be so cool 🙂

  • I play the cello (although it is currently just gathering dust) and am dreaming of buying a piano so that I can brushed up my (distinctly mediocre) piano playing skills.

  • Natalie

    Piano!! I play piano, teach piano, and love it because you can play nearly any style of music on it 🙂 My 3 month old baby can now sit on my lap and lean forward and hit the keys – I think she loves the black and white visual contrast – as well as the surprising sounds she makes.

  • Angylene

    I can play piano, not an expert by any means!!

  • Carmenpol

    I learnt to play guitar when I was young… and regret not to have (take) time to play anymore…

  • Jessie Boan

    I play the piano – but would love to actually learn to play my guitar one day – was a gift nearly 10 years ago ;0)

  • Jamie

    I play guitar… air guitar that is!

  • Rebekah_H

    No one plays any instruments in this house, but we all do like to sing.

  • Anna-Banana

    I played violin for 10 years in my youth and still have my old one in the cupboard. My kids play flute and trumpet. My husband plays an acoustic guitar and a harmonica.

  • Christian

    Does air guitar count? How about steering wheel drums?

  • jody

    I wished i played a musical instrument, any would do! but i always envied the guitar players, the ones who could play cool songs by the campfire and totally captivate everyone, i always thought that was pretty amazing!

  • ok so i got given a bass guitar from my hubby the first christmas we were married. ten years later i still dont know how to play it, so for his sake i would like to learn bass so we could jam together.

  • Wendy Hatton

    I love the sound of the glockenspiel and would love to be able to play (beautifully)

  • Bobbie

    I play piano quite well and used to teach it. I would dearly love to be able to play drums better, my husband says there is nothing sexier than a chick rocking out on drums !

  • Carmen

    I can play the recorder and piano, but neither very well. I would love to learn the violin one day

  • Leonie

    I used to play piano and flute. These days I’m not bad on the kitchen pots, pans and upturned bowls playing with my kids.

  • Kristie

    I play piano and organ. I have fond memories of my Nana teaching me how to play hymns on her organ and piano in the hope that I could play in church. That never eventuated though. I’ve also played a cello in my school years.

  • Alison

    I used to play the flute in school but have now progressed to the rice filled water bottle shaker

  • Julie

    I have a friend who plays the piano accordian, and of course Jeff Wiggle make sit cool. So that would be an awesome instrument to learn. At present I am restricted to the Maracas! 🙂

  • I play piano. When I was a little kid, I hated the constant lessons but now find it relaxing. Always wanted to learn a second instrument too. I’d love to learn the guitar!

  • karina w

    I play the piano..well I used to back in Year 9. I wish I could play like some of those superfreaks on youtube. Their fingers must be made of jelly.

  • sharyn h

    as a child/teenager i played the flute, violin, piano, xylophone. i would not remember how to play any of these now though but i would love to play the drums.

  • Natalie

    Thank you so much for this CD! I have had it playing non-stop in the car since it arrived 🙂
    Can you recommend some other CD’s that are just as cool, I’d love to get some more music like this x

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