Lovely Little Monstas + Giveaway!

I say, I say, I say… it’s giveaway day! This week we’ve invited our good friends at Little Monstas to share some of their new creations for Winter 2011. For the girls this season is all about the pinafore dress. For the boys, it’s a mix of crazy animals and extravagant imaginations… read on!

Handmade Pinafore Dresses by Little Monstas

The first thing that captured my attention about these goodies is the fabric! Little Monstas pays homage to culture and ethnicity this season with nods to Australian flora and fauna, indigenous art, and classic Australian recipes like the Anzac Biscuit. You’ll also find a little something to represent our Antipodean sisters, with the “Slice of London” print. A snap shot of New Zealand, and even a hint of Paris.

Handmade Pinafore Dresses by Little Monstas

Handmade Boys Clothing by Little Monstas

Little Monstas - Handmade Kids Clothing Giveaway

Congratulations to our winners, N. Souprounoivch and S. Ballantyne.

CompetitionWould you like to add a spot of culture to your little one’s wardrobe? We have one boys outfit, and one girls outfit to giveaway! To enter, simply visit Little Monstas, and tell us {in the comments section below} which fabric is your favourite this season. Two winners will be drawn on 24 March, 2011. Please mention if you are entering for the boys prize or the girls prize {or both}.

Boys Prize – Denim jeans with winners choice of applique.
Girls Prize – Australian culinary icons dress.

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96 comments to Lovely Little Monstas + Giveaway!

  • Wendy Hatton

    I love the Dandelion print. Every little kid should learn to tell the time by blowing on fluffy dandelions.

  • Mary Brennan

    I LOVE the NZ print – what a great pinafore!

  • Karin Williams

    I am in total awe of: I’m a Little Tea Pot. Imagination is getting the best of me, Mum and daughter in the kitchen cooking up a storm, wearing one of Lovely Little Monstas dresses.

  • The Dandelion print for sure – although Miss 4 calls it the fireworks print, and that’s the one she wants of course!
    ~ Christine xx

  • jane gardam

    Love the orange bliss material in the little girls pinafore, but would love to win an outfit for my little grandson.

  • Rosa in the Antipodes

    Oh, Dandelion print is fantastic! What a pinafore for my 3 years-old girl!

  • alexandra lemke

    I love the NZ print, but my favourite is the green leaf. My girl would look beautiful in all of them though!

  • Janelle

    Go the dandelion! That is to die for 🙂

  • Tanya Bayly

    Love the street names print. Very Chic for my little princess <3

  • Kristie Cubbin

    I love the apple pie and Mary Poppins prints. Wow what a unique and wonderful idea for dresses! (girls prize)

  • Jenni-Mae

    What an absolute delight all of these prints are, my favourite is the Native Flower print it captures Australia so beautifully. I would love to win something for my 3 year old son.

  • Samanth Savva

    I have had my eye on that Mary Poppins Pini for a while now. So I will have to say Mary Poppins. Or the Orange Bliss or the Birdie Reversible Dress. If I had the money I would BUY THEM ALL. P.S entering for the girls outfit.

  • Nichola

    I love the orange bliss pini!

  • Ann-Marie Franjic

    I love the UK pride pini!

  • Gen

    Definitely the “Orange Bliss” – especially for winter.
    (girl’s prize).

  • kellie

    Love the Aussie signs print (boys prize)

  • Maria W

    I like the Birdie Reversible Dress.

  • Terri Baker

    UK pride is WAY cool.. and im American, but LOVE it!!!!

  • The green leave pini is just divine.

  • Bex Ellery

    ♥♥ Autumn Forrest Pini ♥♥ Girls Winter Range

  • Mandy Graham

    The bird print is super cute.

  • Amy Grima

    I love Donnie the rabbit appliqué & would love to win an outfit for my 1 year old son Cooper 🙂

  • Bex Ellery

    ♥♥ Winter “Mr Business” Suit ♥♥ Boys Winter Range

  • Carolyn

    The Orange Bliss Reversible Denim Dress is gorgeous.
    Girl prize please

  • Cheryl Moulton

    I really love the ‘Blooming garden’ reversible dress with denim one side and floral print the other. A really versatile outfit by wearing it alone on a warm day or with a skivvy and tights on a cooler day.

  • hannah

    the Street Names Pini is very cool! (would like to enter the girls prize)

  • Sheila

    The Orange Bliss is sooo cute. I love it. Girls

  • Jana

    I love the “Red Paris Pini” followed by the “Orange Bliss Pini”

  • Natalie Souprounovich

    It is so hard to choose, however I think my little Monsta would look great in the Orange Bliss Reversable Dress. The fabric is so cute she’d look like a little Orange Bliss Bomb 🙂

  • Lydia Darcy

    Oh my, the NZ one really caught my eye in the light of what’s been happening in Christchurch I bet it would be worn as a mark of pride by many a Kiwi child! (Girls prize)

  • Kirra

    ‘Autumn Forrest’ is fabulous! As is ‘Orange Bliss’ .. And my mum would love the ‘New Zealander’ .. decisions decisions! Then there’s ‘Dandelion’ and ‘Savannah’ and and and ..

  • Rachael white

    Such a hard choice they are all perfect n adorable but I think I would have to say the dandelion print. Is just amazing!

  • Amanda Seiffert

    I love the Orange Bliss! Just lovely.

    Would love to win a little girls prize for 2yr old.

  • Amanda Gorton

    Here Fishy Fishy – it is like sunlight on a cloudy day – it really brightens up the bleak winter colours!

  • All very sweet!
    I love the ‘I’m a little teapot’ pinni.
    My 3 year old, not the greatest singer in the world, does a lovely little off-key version and would look fabulous while singing!

  • Jessica

    I love the Orange Bliss Reversible Dress. Boys prize

  • Chrissy Mat

    We love dandelions here so the Dandelion Pini would have to be my favourite.

    I would so love to win something for one of my little boys – how gorgeous is the boy’s winter range – the Mr Business set is just too cute

  • Lara Daebritz

    We’re not big orange fans here, but Ava went straight for the ‘orange bliss pini’ (a welcome change from the usual pink). Totally gorgeous and original fabric!
    Entering for GIRLS

  • Andi

    I love the Orange Bliss Pini as well 🙂 Who doesn’t love a reversable dress – One dress, two ways!!! (girls prize)

  • Tara Marie

    Oh too many lovely fabrics!! My favourite would have to be the Family Fun pini. (girl’s prize).

  • Di

    My favourite is the Dandelion Pini Moroan Lining. Such gorgeous designs!
    Im entering for the boy’s prize 🙂

  • Emma

    I live the Retro Aussie Pini!
    Little girls prize please.

  • Kristy

    Aussie signs! If there’s one thing you notice while travelling o/s its the weirdo street signs of other countries. It only takes one silhouette of an echidna to make you feel at home again. Also, the design skills that goes into communication via road signs is so underrated. They achieve so much so quickly – just like my munchkin!

  • aurelie

    The Red Paris Pini would definitely suit “ma petite chérie” 😉

  • Donna Topp

    I love the Mary Poppins but it was a very hard choice. Your garments and selection of fabric is outstandingly gorgeous. Well done.
    I am entering for either a 5 year old girl or 5 months old boy not fussy which if I am the lucky person. Keep up the great work.

  • karen

    i love the peter panda singlet for my 9mth old baby boy thanks….

  • Bridget

    Dandelion is absolutely gorgeous.

  • I love that dandelion fabric! I know where it’s from; I have a few metres of it in bright yellow in my fabric stash, but I would never have thought to make something so pretty with it!


    Ohhh How Precious Unique & Individual, My sweet niece Chanel, who was born in Sydney now lives In England would look stunning in the Sydney Street names or a Slice of Paris these Fabrics are Simply Amazing… (she is now 2yrs old)

  • Keri

    I love the Sydney place names. We’re from sydney but live in Melbourne so it’s a little slice of home to remind the kids where they came from….

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