Who you callin' shorty?

Last week in the {KID} newsletter I featured a “random coolness” post featuring a pattern from the amazing minds at MUFFA. This week  I couldn’t resist sharing a few more MUFFA creations; simply because they’re so freaking cute! If you’re the crafty type, have 20-20 vision, endless patience, and extremely well tuned fine motor skills, you may like to try creating one yourself!

Miniature Doll Soft Toy Crochet Patterns

You can find MUFFA miniature patterns online through their Etsy store, or you can view more of their work on their Flickr page.

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1 comment to Who you callin’ shorty?

  • Kristie

    I love these little creations. How very talented are these people to be able to do this. So cute.

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