Music Week - Hijinks, Hilarity and Harmony

Hi folks, and welcome to music week! For the next seven days I’ll be indulging you in all sorts of musical goodness and rock n roll giveaways. It’s all about discovering your inner hepcat, dancing like a fool and blasting your speakers so loud it’ll scare the jeepers out of your goldfish. Drop by each day to check out our feature band & matching indie style board. There’s also a new giveaway each day!

Welcome to Music Week!

Today I decided to kick things off with an album that’s been spinning like crazy in the {KID} household this week. It’s an indie album especially forΒ  kids who walk to the beat of their own drum and parents who are prone to acting their shoe size as opposed to their age {like me}! Introducing “We’re Not Kidding! A Tribute to Barry Louis Polisar“.

You may know Barry Louis Polisar from his amazingly awesome song β€œAll I Want Is You” which was played during the opening credits of Jason Reitman’s 2007 film Juno. However, Barry has been making music since the mid 70s and has written songs for Sesame Street, won five Parents’ Choice Awards, and stared in a hit kids TV show called Field Trip.

We're Not Kidding - A Tribute to Barry Louis Polisar

The We’re Not Kidding compilation was compiled by Aaron Cohen of The Radioactive Chicken Heads and features eclectic cover versions of Barry’s songs by indie bands covering genres as diverse as hip hop, folk, jazz and rock. On the album you’ll find absolute classics such as; My Brother threw up on my stuffed toy bunny {The Purple Mums}; I’ve got a dog and my dog’s name is cat {Elizabeth Street} and the song that raises the most giggles in my household; The Tushie Song {The Barry Louis Polisar Self Aggrandizement Choir}.

Indie Style for Kids - Clothing, Hats, Accessories, Toys

Congratulations to our winners… Carmen S., and Rebekah H.

CompetitionWant to get your giggle on with “We’re Not Kidding”? We’ve got two copies to giveaway! To enter, just tell us in the comment section below what inspires giggles in your household. You can also score an extra entry by sharing on your blog, facebook or twitter. Two winners will be drawn on 7 April, 2011. ENTRIES OPEN WORLDWIDE!

Indie Style Board

  1. Vintage Button-Down Polo by Fore!! Axel & Hudson
  2. Louison the Retro Bear by One Little Red Fox
  3. 80’s Retro Blue Earflap Hat by Hilary’s Handicrafts
  4. Vintage Party Dress by LottieDa
  5. Argyle Fedora Hat by BEAUtique
  6. The Loog Guitar by Rafael Atikas {spotted on Lil Magoolie}

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27 comments to Music Week – Hijinks, Hilarity and Harmony

  • Jessie Boan

    My husband makes up crazy songs whilst the kids (3 under 4) all play instruments from our huge music box. It’s crazy and hilarious – but not always tuneful :0)
    Thanks for pointing me towards Barry’s work – I love the Juno song.

  • Jessie Boan

    Shared on FB too.

  • Julia Mattern

    watching BBC re-runs of Walk On The Wild Side on you tube, magic!
    shared on facebook also

  • Chantelle

    Musical giggles abound whenever dad joins in the dancing singing frenzy – he is very ahem…challanged by the most simple beat

  • Amanda Gorton

    Playing in the backyard with the dog, he’s full of energy and barking mad, but with my kids and I good times are had!

  • Kimberley Belford

    our daughter, shes makes everyone giggle
    from singing to dancing
    her lil brother thinks shes the funniest person in the world

  • chrissy mat

    ooh I don’t know if I should admit this – it’s a bit embarrassing πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    I found an adults size horse suit at the local op shop and I have my two boys in giggling fits whenever I dress up in it and pretend to be a horse πŸ™‚

    We also spend each morning with the radio up loud whilst we bounce on the beds – there’s lots of laughs to be had and I think it’s the best way to start the day πŸ™‚

  • LOL Chrissy, that is awesome πŸ˜‰

  • Erica

    Our 7 month old cracks us up…..she thinks every body part from your shoulder, knee, chin and forehead is a boob. Once she gets that little head swinging my three year old loses it and so do I!

  • Wendy Hatton

    Bouncing up and down on the fit ball together until eyes start to wobble.

  • Angylene

    my little 10 month old is extremely ticklish!! love it when she can’t stop giggling :))

  • seana

    I make my 9yo laugh by making up my own lyrics to the iCarly theme with my limited knowage of the show. Its amazing what sinks in even though I don’t watch it it usally goes something like this
    “hello its me
    my name is iCarly …and it is wonderful
    I have a brother and his name is Spenser …and it is wonderful
    He has a friend called socko…and it is wonderful

    He is in stitches as I try to remember something eles I know.

  • sharyn h

    I am the “tickle monster” and every day when we are lying on our bed, the “tickle monster” gets my 2.5 year old and 9 month old – it has them in fits of giggles which just cracks me up also πŸ™‚

  • Di

    Tickle Fights! My son and I tickle each other and he absolutely loves it! We laugh hysterically for 10 minutes at a time until our sides hurt (well mine anyway!) from Too. Much. TICKLING!!!

  • Giggles come easily in our house at the moment. You just need to look in mr 3 months’s direction for him to burst out in giggles and Miss 2 joins in the fun.

  • Natalie

    My last bout of uncontrollable giggles came on the weekend when my husband hopped in the car and backed it out of the driveway – he thought he was backing over something crossed between a pigeon and a rat.. there was this strange squeaking noise which he couldn’t identify. I’d left a CD of kids music on, and it was playing the intro to ’10 little monkeys jumping on the bed’ – the noise he’d heard was the springs from the jumping monkeys on the CD. I think I laughed the whole 6km into town…

  • Carmenpol

    Listening to music in the car, listening to music at home, singing while walking around…. many occasions to giggle round here !

  • Jamie

    The dog gets all the laughs around here, much to my husbands chagrin.

  • Rebekah_H

    We always have a good laugh on car trips pointing out funny stuff we see around the place, or listening to cool CD’s.

  • Anna-Banana

    Tickles always work in my house.

  • Christian

    My kids will laugh at anything. Especially me!

  • uncontrollable giggles for all when we have tickle fights, but apparently no one likes me playing around here as i dig more than i tickle!

  • jody

    my 2 year old son made up a game called ‘crazy balloon’ its where we all have to hit balloons into the air while doing crazy things! he loves it and goes into absolute hysterics watching me and hubby jump around like idiots! and hearing his little laugh just sends us all into a pile of giggles, even my 11month old joins in!

  • Carmen

    We’ve just had baby #3, so the other two kids (6 & 4) think everything he does is hilarious at the moment (particularly anything to do with burping, farting or poos unfortunately)

  • Alison

    my little one thinks it’s hilarious when the dog licks food off her fingers.

  • My husband is a hoot playing with the kids outside. He has this uncanny ability to kick the ball onto the roof while losing his shoe off his foot at the same time. I probably end up cracking up more than the kids, which then sends them into a fit of giggles.

  • karina w

    Whenever someone farts.

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