Creative Cravings... Nuts about Squirrels

Did you know that more that 200 squirrel species live in countries all over the world… except in Australia? It’s really quite a shame, because they’re awfully adorable. I’d certainly like to meet one, all big-eyed and bushy tailed. My only concern is that he might run up my leg and make a home in the nest that I call a hairstyle.

Handmade Squirrel & Acorn Soft Toys, Art, Clothing

Handmade Squirrel & Acorn Soft Toys, Art, Clothing

  1. Acorn Charm Necklace by A Dragonfly’s Dream
  2. Greta Print by Marisol Spoon
  3. Wool Felted Brooch by Feltmates
  4. Squirrel Amigurumi by Homemade Zen
  5. Organic Squirrel Onesie by Erg
  6. Lilac and Moss Felted Acorns by Fairyfolk
  7. Ode To Chicken Little Mittens by Qute
  8. Mr Squirrel Earrings by Oh Cilly!

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