Fresh Baked Friday - Perfectly Lovable!

Happy Friday! Boy, am I glad that the weekend is upon us… let the relaxing begin! For today’s Fresh Baked Friday feature, I’d like to introduce a homegrown collection from local Brisbane designer Quill & Ink. These little guys are sure to put a big Friday smile on your face!

Handmade Dolls by Quill & Ink

These cheery handmade dolls are the creation of design trio, Nan, Nat and Kim. I just love how minimal the designs are with their natural textured faces and big stitchy grins. Each one has a name that reflects their personality {Adorable Audrey, Talkative Thaddeus, Lively Luca, Wistful Wendy et al.} and comes with a background story.

Handmade Dolls by Quill & Ink

Quill & Ink dolls are hand cut and machine stitched, and deliberately unevenly made to represent that we don’t have to be perfect to be perfectly lovable. What an awesome concept! They are also very affordable at a reasonable $25.

Handmade Dolls by Quill & Ink

Have an awesome weekend!

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