Music Week - Rock 'n' Roll Wardrobe!

Well here we are folks, the very last day of music week! I thought I’d round up the week with a few goodies from one of my favourite stores for punk rock paraphernalia, Sourpuss! I decided to indulge myself in a spot of window shopping by picking out a selection of my favourite products; and the good news is we’re giving you the chance to pick out {and win} your own favourite product! Yippee!

Punk Rock Kids Clothing

Congratulations to our winner… Susie H.

CompetitionTo celebrate the very last day of music week, we’re giving you the chance to win any item from the kids section at Sourpuss! To enter, visit Sourpuss and tell us {in the comments section below} which item you’d choose. A winner will be drawn on 7 April, 2011.

Five awesome punk rock songs to share with your kids.

  1. Rockaway Beach by The Ramones – Listen!
  2. Peanut Butter and Jelly by The Boogers – Listen!
  3. Lust for Life by Iggy Pop – Listen!
  4. Somewhere over the Rainbow by Me First and The Gimme Gimmes – Listen!
  5. Rock The Casbah by The Clash – Listen!

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29 comments to Music Week – Rock ‘n’ Roll Wardrobe!

  • Vic

    Oh WOW! It was a pleasure perusing the virtual isles of Sourpuss – thanks so much for introducing me to that store! (My other half will, I’m sure, be less appreciative…)

    I would definitely take the Johnny Cash diaper bag first up… I would continue with a little shopping spree, I think!

  • seana

    Ooooh that’s a tough one I think I’d have to go the spotty skirt in yellow, but I think it would need a cupcake cardigan to go with it.

  • Hard choice! But i do think the pink Heartbreaker onsie is too cute 🙂

  • LOVE that website, they will definitely be getting some business from me! I think my 2 day old half scottish niece needs the SKULL KIDS RED PLAID JEFF CAP! Too cute!

  • Carolyn

    Without a doubt the Kids Pixie Skirt In Pink for my little girl

  • jody

    What a great site thanks for the intro!
    I am lovin the JOHNNY CASH POMADE KIDS TEE! it would look super cool on my little lad!

  • oh yeah – the heartbreaker babydoll is so spunky, see you, gotta go back and peruse some more cool stuff on that site!!

  • Di

    Im loving the AUTUMN OWL RAGLAN SHIRT. Such funky clothes!

  • Sharon

    My son would look so handsome in the Johnny Cash shirt!

  • Katrina

    OMG why didn’t I know of this website before! I would love any of the Ramones tee’s on my little guy, he would so cute in any of them. We’re old school in this house 🙂

  • Wendy Hatton

    Great clothes for kids with a bit of spunk.

  • Natalie

    I would LOVE a “BETTIE PAGE PEEK A BOO PARASOL” – gorgeous!!

  • Mandy Graham

    I love the sparkly RHINESTONE CAMERA NECKLACE.

  • Bobbie

    I can’t choose one item so I chose an outfit for each of my two children.
    ‘My First Ramones Tee’ or the ‘Sex Pistols Vacant Tee’, the ‘Kiss’ socks for my 5 year old son! He would LOVE this as I have a Ramones Tee I wear and it would go perfect with his black skinny jeans. He is just so rock and roll.
    For my 17month daughter it would definately be the ‘Sex Pistols babydoll tee’ with the ‘Pink Leopard pants’ and the ‘Sex Pistols baby gym boots’. She would look ADORABLY punk!
    Thankyou Kid Independant for introducing me to this site, my husband and bankcard won’t but I certainly do. WOW!

  • Angylene

    I love the Rose Cardigan!! Too cute 🙂

  • Carmen

    I’d pick the Black Ribcage Onesie, great site!

  • Leonie

    I would choose the tatoo baby shoes for my toddler who is shoe crazy and would look ever so cute in those.

  • Kim

    I would pick the Gasser kids tee as he is only 8 months and totally into hot rods already, we have just been to a show and he watched as each one drove past and the nostalgia drags where he was busy watching all the cars go down the track!

  • Lisa

    Can’t go past the Sex Pistols Baby Shoes – inappropriate, my mother-in-law would hate them and super cute – what more could I want!

  • I love the spiderweb diaper bag

  • Alison

    Heaps of awesome stuff, so hard to choose – SPARROW CARDIGAN

  • Amanda Gorton

    Pefect for a rock and roll tot is the pink ‘star’ leggings to be a stand out from the crowd!

  • Jessie Boan

    My little man would look so spunky in the Fred Perry Kids Track Jacket… of course would need a shirt to go with it – but then I’d have to actually choose! Great store!

  • Julie

    I think the Pixie skirt in Yellow would be super cute!

  • Justine H

    Would have to be the cupcake cardi – how cute is that!

  • Oh goodness! Either of the Irregular Choice heels would be delicious! I have a mushroom pair of theirs and adoooooore them! So fun!

  • karina wong

    I would love love Love Pinup Smitten Heels for that added height and colour!

  • Erica

    That Ramones pinned babydoll top is my pick, super dooper cute!

  • sharyn h

    Fred Perry kids track jacket – that way both my boy and girl can wear it 🙂

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