Music Week - The Bazillions!

Welcome to day two of music week! Today we have the pleasure of featuring indie pop band The Bazillions! Their debut album Rock-n-Roll Recess landed on my doorstep a couple of weeks ago and has since taken several spins on the old boom box…

Your Indie Pop Style Inspiration

Rock-n-Roll Recess blends sunny indie pop/rock with catchy melodies and highlights seriously important kinder issues like chowing down on Mac-n-Cheese and mishaps with a tennis ball {Tommy Got in Trouble}. Incidentally, this is my favourite song on the album. Other top picks include “Super Sonic Rocket Bike“, “It’s a Mess” and the sincerely sweet “Good Morning”.

Your Indie Pop Style Inspiration

Congratulations to our winner… Sarah S.

CompetitionWould you like to snag yourself a copy of Rock-n Roll-Recess by The Bazillions? To enter, simply answer this question {in comments section below}. If you started a kick-ass indie pop band, what would your band name be? A winner will be drawn on 7 April, 2011. ENTRIES OPEN WORLDWIDE!

Indie Style Board

  1. Vintage Bulldog Raglan Tee by Vintage Lucy’s
  2. Pop Dog Art Canvas by Nootles
  3. Girly Dots Leg Warmers by Posh Pipsqueak
  4. Hamburger Hoodie by Spaghetti
  5. Luca the Racoon Plushie by AndaPanda
  6. Peacock Blue Earflap Hat by Totz Hatz Boutique
  7. Peggy the Pug Print by Kikichoo

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