Autism Awareness Month - Love Me For Who I Am

Today, in honour of Autism Awareness Month, it’s my pleasure to share the new album from Brady Rymer, Love me for who I am. The songs on his new album were inspired by the students at ‘Celebrate the Children School’, a New Jersey school for children with alternative learning styles, many of whom are affected by Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome or related disorders.

Brady Rymer - Love Me For Who I Am

Brady’s songs are both inspirational and educational, with bouncy beats and jangly guitar riffs that make for easy listening sing-a-long fun. The title track “Love Me For Who I Am” sets the tone for the album with it’s intro line, “please don’t try to fix me, love me for who I am”. Brady then follows up with a some of my favourite tracks on the album; Picky Eater, Who Wants To Wear Shoes, and Squish Me, Squeeze Me. A bunch of well-written songs that cover a full array of issues that parents and kids experience on a daily basis, we certainly do in this household.

According to Brady, the aim of the album is to “invite a deeper understanding and appreciation of children with Autism and other disorders by shedding light on just how much we all have in common”. I found that listening to the album made me stop and think about how confusing the world can be to little people. For those parents who have first hand experience with Autism Spectrum Disorders, the song Tune Out might just bring a little tear to your eye with it’s profound insight.

You can listen to more songs from Love Me For Who I Am or purchase a copy of the CD online at Brady Rymer’s website.

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