Come rain or come shine...

I’m gonna love you, like nobody’s loved you… Come rain or come shine. High as a mountain, deep as a river… Come rain or come shine. I guess when you met me, It was just one of those things. But don’t ever bet me ’cause I’m gonna be true, if you let me… You’re gonna love me, Like nobody’s loved me… Come rain or come shine. Billie Holiday {1946}.

Rainy Day and Sunshine - Handmade Kids Accessorie

Rainy Day and Sunshine

  1. Umbrella Bobby Pins by Heyday Handmade
  2. Flower Field Headband by Nest Pretty Things
  3. Lemon Yellow Tutu Skirt by Bambaroos Boutique
  4. Petal Tutus by Tutu du Monde
  5. Rainy Day Paper Doll by Mates & Rubbish
  6. Ruffled Romper by Baby Chunky Cheeks
  7. Lovebird Glass Pendant by Little Mo and Friends
  8. Rainy Day Stationery Set by Stuck Together

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