Creative Cravings... Cotton Candy Creations!

When I was a child, cotton candy {a.k.a fairy floss} was one of my favourite things. Last year at the Ekka I decided to treat myself to a pink fluffy stick of sweetness for the first time in years. When I was through with it my teeth hurt, my hands were completely stickified {yes, I made that word up}, I was nursing a splitting sugar headache and my lips {and surrounds} had turned bright pink.

These days, I prefer to embrace my childhood memories through cotton candy themed toys…

Cotton Candy Art, Dolls, Toys and Softies

  1. Little Miss Cotton Candy by The Cupcake Girls
  2. Cotton Candy Softies by Scrumptious Delight
  3. Cotton Candy Doll Art Print by Boopsie Daisy
  4. Cotton Candy Kids Print Set by The Black Apple
  5. Pink Retro Bunny by Violet Pie
  6. Portrait Of Cotton Candy Print by The Poppy Tree
  7. Adorable Faux Fur Collar by Gottahavebaby
  8. Dusty Rose Tutu by Little Fish Creations

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