De Estraperlo... De-Licious!

Sometimes I just have one of those days where I wander through the virtual doors of an Etsy store and get swept away in a tornado of the “gimme-gimmes”. It’s the kind of feeling that makes you want to scoot around the store loudly squealing “weeeeeeee!!!” while you fling all the adorable goods at arms reach into your trolley! Today was one of those days….

De Estraperlo Handmade Toys, Softies, Amigurimi and T-shirts

De Estraperlo is a craft studio based in Spain who create a range of sublime handmade goods including tees, onesies, brooches and amigurumi softies. You may remember me featuring one of their softies as the “Toy of the Week” in the {KID} independent newsletter a few months back. Since then they’ve expanded their collection and as you can see, it’s just getting better and better by the day!

If one of these goodies takes your fancy, De Estraperlo have 15% off all items in store at the moment with the coupon code SPRING2011.

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