Fresh Baked Friday... Allergy Riders

Hello Friends! Ready for the weekend? Since it’ll be a madhouse around here for Easter next weekend I’ve decided that I deserve a whole day {or at least an afternoon} of lounging around on the back deck reading a book, so that’s about as far as I my plans extend! For today’s feature, I’d like to share a wonderful new Australian product that is making party time much more fun for kidlets with allergies.

Allergy Riders Baking Cups and Food Flags

Allergy Riders are a cute and simple labelling system for allergy sufferers that takes the stress out of negotiating a food buffet. The range features a selection of brightly coloured baking cups and food flags that alert guests to food that is nut free, gluten free, dairy free, egg free and so on. For the kids, it’s as simple as choosing the right colour from the batch. I’m loving the simplicity of this idea. It’s handy not only for the parent of the child with the allergy, but also for the parent hosting the party.

Allergy Riders are available online at $6.95 for the baking cups or $5.95 for the food flags.

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