Fresh Baked Friday... Dress Differently Day!

In support of Autism Queensland’s Dress Differently Day, we present a collection of whimsical hats for every member of your family {even DAD would look fabbo in a pink top hat…}. To learn more about Dress Differently Day, or to donate to Autism Queensland, click here.

Autism Queensland's Dress Differently Day

Autism Queensland's Dress Differently Day

  1. Panda Hat for Blythe Doll by Milky’s Corner
  2. Hot Pink Mini Top Hat by Janine Basil
  3. Pet Hat by Beantown Handmade
  4. Teal Shell Hat by Behida Dolic
  5. Bright Turquoise Faux Fur Hat by CHIA
  6. The Little Lion Hat by Sweetpeatoattots
  7. Newborn Grey Mohawk by Maddie Lou Beanies
  8. Devil Pet Hat by Xmoonbloom

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