International Pillow Fight Day!

Today is International Pillow Fight Day! So in celebration, I’ve put together a collage of handmade pillows to get you in the mood for some feather flinging frivolities! Join in the fun by ambushing a member of your family when they least expect it. Or, if you’re feeling particularly brave, you can join one of many community pillow fights happening in cities around the world!

Handmade Kids Pillows / Cushions

International Pillow Fight Day!

  1. Pirate Kitty Screenprinted Pillow by Sass & Peril
  2. Moustache George Pillow by Cookie Cutter
  3. Handmade Owl Pillow by Bellamina
  4. Monster Mash Personalised Cushion by Tiges and Weince
  5. Owls Pillow Cover by Sukan
  6. Little Bonjour Bird by Le Jeune
  7. Three Little Pigs Pillow by Viola Studio
  8. Hand Screen Printed Sleepy Dog Cushion by Robin & Mould

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