Smooth as a baby's bottom...

Hoorah for entrepreneurial mums with great ideas! Earlier this month I had the pleasure of meeting Melinda Charlesworth, Mum to baby Wilson, and the brains behind a new Australian product called Nioka Botanicals 100% Natural Bottom Spray.

Nioka Botanicals 100% Natural Bottom Spray

Melinda and her husband Daron created Nioka Botanicals with two main goals in mind, eliminating the chemicals often found in baby products, and replacing them with organic ingredients that a soothing to delicate skin. The formula consists of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil known for its healing and anti-bacterial properties as well as Vitamin E and Lavender Essential Oil to soothe and calm the redness and pain associated with nappy rash and other minor skin complaints. I love the idea of the spray bottle for it’s one-handed, mess-free convenience.

Nioka Botanicals 100% Natural Bottom Spray is available for purchase online and through a range of selected stockists.

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1 comment to Smooth as a baby’s bottom…

  • Kristie

    What an interesting idea. I like the idea of a spray bottle so you don’t get hard to clean oily stuff on your hands.

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