Creative Cravings... Vivacious Vikings!

Earlier this month I spied a couple of cute additions to the plushie collection at Saint Angel Productions and vowed to incorporate Vignir + Olaf, the mighty Viking plushies into an upcoming creative cravings post. So here it is folks; don your helmets, shields and chainmail, pick up your trusty axe, board your majestic longship and go forth on the adventure of a lifetime…

Kids Viking Toys, Softies, T-shirts, Art, Decor

Kids Viking Toys, Softies, T-shirts, Art, Decor

  1. Vignir + Olaf the Vikings by Saint Angel Productions
  2. Viking Decorative Cushion by Tiges and Weince
  3. Children’s Viking Hat by From the P-Nut Gallery
  4. Ballard Neighborhood Kids Organic T-Shirt by Orange Room Shop
  5. Blue Stripes Viking Organic Tee by Danefae
  6. Olaf the Viking Wooden Stamp by Mountainside Crafts
  7. Viking Greeting Card by Marloes De Vries

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