Vintage Art by Twice Designs

Regular readers of {KID} independent will be well aware of my love affair with vintage toys, artwork and paper ephemera. This week a little email popped up in my inbox with some creations by Sydney based designer Sarah Barnett from Twice Designs. Sarah recycles vintage goodies to create one-off and limited edition pieces that little ones with find delightful and grownups will find nostalgic.

Vintage Artwork Playing Cards by Twice Designs

Sarah has had a life long fixation on vintage books, posters and games. She’s also a big fan of the recycling movement and finds great joy in combining both of these passions to bring new life to objects and imagery. My favourite item in Sarah’s collection is the mounted vintage playing cards. They’re made from genuine vintage cards from 1920 – 1965 and have such a playful innocence about them that you can’t help but smile when taking in their beauty.

Vintage Sydney Maps + Japanese Toy Cards by Twice Designs

I’m also very fond of her vintage map and car art. Made from vintage Gregory’s maps from the late 1960s and early 1970s, they are available as a custom order for Melbourne and Sydney streets. Affixed to each map is a vintage Japanese toy car from the 1960s. These would make a fabulous heirloom gift for special occasions.

Vintage Playing Card Art by Twice Designs

You’ll can find limited edition art by Twice Designs at Sarah’s Etsy Store or her Madeit Store.

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