Wednesday Whip Around...

Good morning friends, and welcome to another edition of Wednesday Whip Around. We’re making our way around Australia today, stopping in at a selection of stores to peruse the current handmade offerings from some very talented local designers. It’s lovely to see so much colour and cheerfulness shining through!

Doll Cushion and Handmade Baby Bib

Winter Girls Handmade Dress and Children's Linen Set

Handmade Doll and Bear Heat Pack

Handmade Softie and Newborn Baby Beanie Bonnet

Brisbane – Winking Girl Face Pillow by Moose & Bird
Sydney – Autumn Flowers Teething Bib by Flobib
Cairns – Plum Scotty Dog Dress by Ainslee Fox
Bendigo – Bed Linen by Darcey & Grace
Adelaide – Miss Milly Molly Doll by Such a Softie
Perth – Boo Bear Lupin Heat Pack by Mellebug
Melbourne – Handmade ModBunny by Moomi
Tamworth – Button Bonnet by Little Labyrinth

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