Sustainable Sweeties by Billy Mac ORGANICS

Happy Friday! Today’s Fresh Baked Follies are courtesy of our friends over at Billy Mac Clothing. Their winter 2011 line sees the debut of the organics collection and it’s jam-packed with cute prints, fun colours and super cosy fabrics… wear them as jimmy-jams, mix-and-match with jeans, or pair one with your favourite skirt.

Organic Kids Clothing by Billy Mac ORGANICS

Billy Mac ORGANICS are made from premium cotton produced entirely free of chemical pesticides and other nasties, making them super-soft and eco-friendly! I’ve fallen in love with the Swan Tee in pretty pink. Not to mention how adorable it is styled with a petite tutu.

For the boys on the other hand, how can you past a retro robot or a good old fashioned mixtape? The kids might ask you “what in Dora’s name is this thing!?” but it’s important to keep the magic of analog alive!! Tell them a story about sitting next to your boombox with your finger hovering above the record button waiting until the DJ finished talking so you could record your favourite track off the radio… ahhh, those were the days.

Organic Kids Clothing by Billy Mac ORGANICS

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